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Our vision is simple. At Visualist Publishing we love unique, powerful and stunning visuals. While we still like holding and feeling printed books, our mission is to create a place for images to be seen in new, exciting and inspiring ways – that also fit our mobile lifestyle and takes full advantage of the technology we use everyday.
We want to push the boundaries of eBook publishing and approach it in ways that have never been seen before – integrating your visuals with multimedia components: video, audio, interactive elements, animation, anything you can think of, and we will be there along the way to help you with our unique perspective on curating, aesthetics, marketing and sales strategies to distribute your book worldwide.


eBook sales were $1.97 billion last year, according to BookStats estimates.


What Makes Us Different?


Visualist Publishing pays close attention to who you are, what you want to communicate and how to get it seen by as many people as possible. We have a keen eye and attention to detail in addition to the technical aspects of electronic publishing. You have a point of view and we facilitate it. In collaboration with our digital distribution partner your project will be available and visible through a vast network of  international digital vendors and services including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, among many more.


We are Worldwide so You are Worldwide




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Who Uses Our Services?


Visualist Publishing is right for all creative individuals, disciplines and visual genres. We are specifically looking for content related to: Art, Photography, Illustration, Architecture, Design, Typography, Graphic Novels, Zine, Travel, Food/Cookbooks, Children’s illustrated, Performance arts, Fashion, Comic, Visual reference books, Industry Association, and Source Books.


Are You Ready to Submit a Project to Visualist Publishing?


We want to get to know you and learn about your project. Please take some time to learn about our interests, project qualifications, and submission guidelines. Please read our FAQs and our Submission Procedure.


Read our FAQs and Submission Procedure

Ebooks made up 23 percent of US publisher sales in 2012.


Who is Visualist Publishing?


Visualist Publishing is a creative collaboration between three partners who have a long-standing history and professional careers in fine art, photography, illustration and design and the visual arts industries and business. Collectively, they have helped build and shape communities of creative and talented individuals using immense professional resources, as well as build businesses generating significant revenue for their clients.

As content and audiences continue to move to mobile for web media content consumption, Visualist Publishing is there to offer efficient services for eBook publishing such as: curation, creative direction, technical development, production, and distribution. We also provide options for print-on-demand, as well as traditional print publishing in conjunction with your eBooks.


Build a Partnership with Us

Visualist Publishing has been built on strong collaborations, great partnerships and a love for what we do. As part of continuing to provide a great service to creative individuals we work with, we love talking to innovative people and companies that mutually complement and enhance our services. Please contact us about your project – we would be happy to speak with you. Please email michael@visualistpublishing.com


At Visualist Publishing we love unique, powerful and stunning visuals.



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