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Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait

Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait
Genre: Arts & Photography

Michael Grecco shares the secrets of great portraits with photographers at every level, in Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait.

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About the Book

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   Language     English
   Catergory     Arts  &  Photography: Photography Technique, Lighting, Portraits
  Published     January 1, 2012
Ebook Size      23.8 MB


Book Description

Renowned celebrity photographer Michael Grecco’s seminal bestselling book Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Celebrity and Editorial Photography is now available for the first time as an e-book. Photographers around the world refer to it as their “lighting “bible”. A must-have for portrait photographers, Grecco reveals step-by-step every aspect of his craft including exact diagrams for perfect lighting while inspiring the true art of the portrait. You’ll learn exactly why Time, People, and Business Week and celebrities such as Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet, and Lucy Liu all trust Michael Grecco to shoot their coveted celebrity covers.


What People are Saying

“I bought the original paper version and have also bought the kindle version. I love the book. Highly detailed and informative, I often find myself pulling it out and gaining new nuggets of information with each read.
Hopefully Michael will do a second book. Five stars.”
Micahel S Baker

“For anyone interested in celebrity portraiture and what it takes to make the images you see in today’s magazines, this book has it all! Grecco has taken highlights from his career as one of the top celebrity photographers in America and not only broken down the technical aspects into easy to understand terms (including concise lighting diagrams), but he has peppered the book with candid, behind-the-scenes anecdotes that show what it’s like to make a truly inspired image and remain fresh in a very competitive photography market. That’s what I like about it…this book is not simply a monograph of pretty pictures, but instead shows beautiful photography and the work involved in making it.”
Brad Trent

“Don’t read it cover-to-cover. Just flip though this book and stop at the first picture that grabs you. Grecco is that rare photographer who can actually put into words the creative process behind his images. He is smart, honest, funny, and frank about what it takes to make the beautiful, unique, and skillfully executed portraits that lavishly illustrate this book. There is a wealth of detailed, specific information about how the photographs were created (lighting diagrams, actual cameras, lenses, and lights used, etc.), however, most valuable is his emphasis on WHY he made his various creative and technical decisions. This volume would be worthwhile for the pictures alone, or for the diagrams, the behind-the-scenes anecdotes, or just for the insights into the technical, practical, strategic, interpersonal, and financial components that contribute to the successful outcome of what is typically thought of as a simply artistic endeavor. Rather than regarding it as a book of recipes to be rigorously replicated, he suggests using it as a jumping-off point; as an opportunity to facilitate and fine-tune your own creative process.”
Gregory Heisler

“This book is great. Grecco didn’t not just give diagrams so you can duplicate the image, but he gives you details and information on how to make it happen with your own sense of style”
Ricardo Dacosta, Creation Studios

“Michael Grecco goes beneath the surface to show the techniques behind all of his best-known celebrity portraits in “Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Celebrity and Editorial Photography” proving than beauty really is more than skin deep.”
Brian Smith, Miami Celebrity Photographer

“Michael Grecco is a true master of lighting. His book offers great insights into his work. Very useful for everyone who is interested in the art of flash-photography.”
Sven van den Heuvel

“This book is everything I had hoped. I wanted to see how the “big guys” get such gorgeous shots. It’s true that just owning an expensive dSLR does not make you a professional, it takes practice, lots of photo shoots, and, most importantly, an eye for creativity. Grecco is an extraordinary photographer. I know I’ll probably never be photographing celebrities or have the budget for a clan of assistants and high price lighting equipment, but some of his techniques I can certainly adapt. This is a wonderful book with enough tips and beautiful images to inspire any photographer.”
Jami Garrison


About the Author

Michael Grecco is an award-winning and internationally renowned photographer of celebrity portraits, advertising and editorial commissions, private collections, and fine art.

One of the most respected and sought after visual storytellers in the world, his artistic conceptual vision and signature dramatic lighting create incomparable distinctive images that are famously dramatic, evocative, sophisticated, ironic, and comedic. Known for his high-concept imagery, Grecco is also famed for his innate ability to connect with each subject.

On the pulse point of still and motion technology and innovation, Grecco is a regular expert and celebrated speaker on creativity, photography, and his signature lighting and directorial techniques worldwide. Having been dubbed “A Master of Light” by his peers, Grecco wholeheartedly admits his fascination with light and its effect in each and every photograph he takes. “Light is something I have studied, played with, and have been captivated by for decades. I find magic in its qualities. I have an immense passion for ‘molding’ light in order to create the shot that immortalizes a moment and induces an emotion. A reaction.”

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