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The following FAQs are here to benefit you. They will answer your general questions about the process of working with Visualist Publishing, as well as give you an idea of what type of material we are looking for and what to expect from our submission and publishing process.

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Who uses our services?

Visualist Publishing is right for all creative individuals, disciplines and visual genres. We are specifically looking for content related to: Art, Photography, Illustration, Architecture, Design, Graphic Novels, Zine, Travel, Food/Cookbooks, Children’s illustrated, Performance arts, Fashion, Comic, Visual reference books, Industry Association, and Source Books.

Projects we are not currently accepting proposals for:

We are only seeking projects with strong visual content. Please only submit projects that are primarily visually-based. Sorry, at this time we are not accepting submissions for novels, manuscripts, poetry or solely text-based content.

I submitted a project to Visualist Publishing but never heard back.

Our editorial team actively reviews submissions on an ongoing basis and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Your project is important to us and we need the time to review it properly. This process can take several weeks. No need to follow up with us – you will hear from us.

Visualist Publishing likes my project, what is next?

You will be the first to know! We’ll contact you to discuss how your idea will best fit our model: curate, create, distribute.

Who retains ownership and copyright?

As the creator, you retain all ownership and copyright of your content.

Before we start will you provide me with a contract?

Like all publishing companies, you will be offered a written contract once we have agreed to publish your title. Collaborators will be listed on a single, combined contract agreement.

We signed a contract, what’s next?

Our team will discuss with you a project outline, stages of development and deadlines for your project so that the production process can begin.

What are my design options?

1. My project is ready-to-go.

If your project is ready-to-go (designed and export ready in the following formats: epub, enhanced epub, mobi, pdf, enhanced pdf – for a comparison of eBook formats see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats. Please keep in mind we will also ask you to add an Imprint for Visualist Publishing and ISBN to the project.

2. My project is almost there but needs some help refining.

Our team will work with you to enhance your existing design or design your project from the ground up. You will receive estimates for design and production fees, which can range from $500 to $5000+ depending on your vision and the project. Note estimates may vary +/-10%.

I have lots of ideas about integrating media, video, audio, and animation into my eBook, what is next?

Glad to hear that you want your project to stand out and as innovators, Visualist Publishing supports your creative vision. *(Please note – older tablets or mobile devices, and some select international distributors, may not support all the requested multi-media elements. In this case, you may want to consider adding an optional second non-enhanced version for those markets.

How long does the design process take?

Once we have established a project outline and set a timeline and deadlines we ask that you follow the required schedule for your deliverables as closely as possible. Once we commit to the project we want the process to be smooth and efficient for everyone.

Are there fees for design and production?

Yes – if our team designs your project from the ground up or enhances your existing design. Fees apply for design and production refinements, add ons and customization. Our team will provide estimates for design and production fees, which generally range from $500 to $5000+ depending on your vision and the project. The more you do yourself the more you save.

Are there any other fees even if I don’t need any design or production help?

Yes, there are hard costs directly related to our distributor listing fees and ISBN assignment, website publication fee, author listing fee. You will be receiving our current fee schedule as well as our commission structure outline upon acceptance of your project.

Do I get final say in my book design?

We are here to offer our expertise and guidance but it’s your book – yes.

My project is designed and ready to go, what do I do next?

If your project is prepared and ready for all the following different formats for the multiple content consumption devices within our distribution channels you are ready to go: epub, enhanced epub, mobi, pdf, enhanced pdf. If you’d rather have us do it for you, we offer a conversion service for an additional fee. We will also add an imprint for Visualist Publishing and ISBN to the project.

What is the timeframe for distribution?

As soon as your project is finalized it will be uploaded through our distribution platform. From there it goes out to our worldwide partners who will add it into their channels. eBook distribution is a digital process and goes quickly. Your production schedule will have a suggested launch date.

Can I work directly with companies like Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

Yes you can but that only covers two of the 180 outlets that we service.

What should I expect after distribution?

After acceptance of your project, our team will have worked out a production plan as well as a marketing plan and sales strategy. The time before, during, and after launch is the critical timing and the most important aspect of eBook publishing. You will be very busy promoting your book throughout your and our platforms to push sales.

Is my book guaranteed to sell?

On whether or not a book sells depends on many different factors. Most of all, it depends on you. You are your works best marketing machine and the more you market the better the results will be. Your production plan will include a strategy for sales and promotion. We do not predict or guarantee sales on any title.

Once my book is distributed is there anything I should do?

Yes, yes, and yes. The success of your project depends on how many people see it. Our production plan requires that you commit to a number of promotional and marketing actions. Much like publishing a website doesn’t guarantee bookings, the same applies to eBook publishing. While we commit to all levels of promotion for the books we publish, we know that successful projects are driven by the content creator’s active promotion through social media, marketing, and PR efforts. Let people know you have an eBook and it’s for sale!