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American Photography 3o and Latin American Fotografía 3 – New Release

NEW RELEASEAmerican Photography 33 and Latin American Fotografía 3

Award Winning Photography Annual Now Available as an Enhanced eBook

For over 30 years American Illustration and American Photography (ai-ap.com), published by Amilus Inc., has showcased the best creative work, curated by a juried panel of top creatives and industry professionals from advertising, design, and publishing. The yearly competition identifies the world’s most awe inspiring, trending, and relevant illustration and photography – a must-have library addition for anyone in the creative arts.

The enhanced eBooks, published by Visualist Publishing (VisualistPublishing.com), incorporates cutting edge technology that gives their audience a deeper interaction and engagement with the featured artists and their work. Artist statements are available as audio clips, and direct links to the artist’s website and a creative index for each image is included for further discovery.

The winning works range from sensitive subjects like politics and human morality, to haunting environmental and sociological issues, to conceptual images of everyday objects, often with a humorous and always with a thought provoking approach.

Illustrators and Photographers alike who look for inspiration and information about top image-makers will enjoy the eBooks as well as those who source talent like creative directors, publications, and agencies.

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About American Photography 3o and Latin American Fotografía 3:

The American Photography 30 and Latin American Fotografía 3 presents the 400 winning images as selected by a jury of art and design professionals from over 9,700 submissions to a prestigious annual competition. For over 30 years now, the American Photography books are lavishly produced in large-format, hardcover print, the AP30 annual, based on the design by Robert Newman. An image index includes the artist’s contact information, captions and creative credits listing the publications, schools, agencies and clients who commissioned and utilized the winning work.

Photography, as a vital tool of communication and visual delight, continues to defy long-held and exaggerated reports of its own demise with artists taking bold risks and forging new markets with self-generated projects, all the while maintaining a healthy amount of traditional assignment work from publishers and advertising agencies. Photography Lives.